Cisco Learning Credits (CLC’s)

What Are Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits (CLC’s) are training credits available for purchase in packages of 10, 100, 500, and 1500 credits. Each credit is valued at $100 per credit for training needs (ex. 30 CLCs = $3000 worth of authorized Cisco training). CLCs can be added to any Cisco hardware, software, or solution purchase and redeemed within one year from activation. Cisco Learning Credits are to be redeemed for high-quality, authorized training intended to maximize return on your technology investment.

Retain a competitive edge and remain ahead of the technology curve with Cisco Learning Credits and Authorized Training. With the right training and enablement, you can get the most of your Cisco Network investments, meet your business goals, and ensure skills and expertise of your IT staff.

SLI is here to ensure you maximize the value of your CLC’s!

Allow Sunset Learning Institute to provide you with a fully managed solution built to consolidate classes, eliminate scheduling conflicts and maximize your Cisco Learning Credit Training dollars!

As a Platinum Cisco Learning Partner, Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) can redeem your Cisco Learning Credits for our authorized training while optimizing training dollar value for you and your team. Our qualified account managers are available to work with you to recommend a training path based on your current network landscape, any upcoming implementations, and existing engineering talent.

Our Process & Benefits

  • Provide a consultation to fully understand current technologies used and existing technical skills possessed by team
  • Discuss training goals and/or upcoming implementations
  • Recommend a training path designed to eliminate any overlap in curriculum or existing skills, and provide the ultimate training experience for students so they can take the knowledge gained from training and optimize efficiency
  • Guaranteed to Run training dates presented exclusively from Sunset Learning Institute to allow for precise schedule planning
  • Capitalize on Cisco Learning Credit dollars by taking advantage of bulk purchasing discount programs

How To Use Your CLC's

Customers can redeem CLCs with Sunset Learning and choose from any of our authorized Cisco training courses. The Cisco Learning Credit price is listed on any course page that accepts CLC’s. It’s quick and easy! 

1. Select a course: Pick My Course
2. During registration, select “Learning Credits” as your payment method, as seen below.
3. Type in your Sales Order (SO#) and complete the registration. Be sure to redeem you credits before they expire! 

Benefits of CLC's

Call today for more information on our Cisco Learning Credit programs:  888.888.5251

Select Sunset Learning Institute as Your Preferred Learning Partner

Cisco’s Preferred Learning Partner Program allows you to select a specific training partner to work with upon receiving Cisco Learning Credits (CLC’s), eliminating the hassle of managing them yourself and giving you confidence that you will get the most out of your credits.


Benefits of Selecting Sunset Learning Institute as Your Preferred Partner:

Download the step-by-step guide on how to select your preferred learning partner.

Does Sunset Learning accept CLC’s as payment?

We can accept learning credits as payment for classes that start on or before June 14, 2021. 

Is Cisco terminating all use of Learning Credits?

No, CLCs will be managed and redeemed directly with Cisco after June 14, 2021. 

What can I redeem for learning credits with Cisco?

Cisco can accept learning credits for their digital course library, but not instructor-led training.

Can we continue to attend training with Sunset Learning while using our learning credits?

You have until June 14, 2021 to use learning credits with Sunset Learning.

Where can I go to get additional information on these changes?

If your question has not been answered in this FAQ document, please contact us to speak with a sales representative.