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Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) has an Authorized Pearson Vue, Kryterian, and Red Hat testing center in both our Denver, CO and Reston, VA facilities

A few of the many proctored exams offered are:

 Cisco | Juniper | Palo Alto | VMware | Red Hat

SLI Denver and Reston have upgraded to four testing stations that provide ample privacy, giving our customers the ability to focus 100% on their exam.  We have quiet and comfortable work stations, with friendly test center administrators to help offer a positive experience to everyone who tests with us.

Registration is easy – call Sunset Learning today to speak with one of our test center administrators and enroll in your next exam at a convenient time for you. 888.888.5251

“I just wanted to thank the people at the Sunset Denver facility, specifically the Test Administrators. I tested today and appreciated the guidance signing in as well as the appearance of the area and the equipment itself. I actually drove 70 miles out of my way to take a test at your facility.  Thanks again.”Mike


Pearson Vue

About Pearson Vue

Today, Pearson VUE ( is the global leader in electronic testing for information technology, academic, government and professional clients, providing a full suite of services from test development to data management.

Pearson VUE delivers millions of high-stakes tests a year across the globe for clients in the licensure, certification, academic admissions, regulatory, and government testing service markets. Pearson Professional Centers utilize a patent-winning design, which was created specifically for high-stakes testing and offers a carefully controlled, consistent testing environment.


Unproctored Exams

  • 650-xxx IBT Online exams USD 65.00 
  • 700-xxx Sales Readiness exams USD 80.00 

Proctored Exams

  • 646-xxx Channel Sales exams USD 80.00 
  • 010-xxx, Certified Technician Exams USD 125.00 
  • 640-692/792/893 CCT exams USD 125.00 
  • 100-xxx Entry Level exams USD 150.00
  • 200-xxx Associate Level exams (except 200-120 and 200-001) USD 150.00 
  • 810-xxx Cisco Business Specialist Written Level 1 exams USD 150.00
  • 200-001 Associate Level exam – AT Video Certification USD 250.00 
  • 300-xxx Professional Level Exams USD 250.00 
  • 500-xxx Technical Program exams USD 250.00 
  • 600-xxx Specialist Certification exams USD 250.00 
  • 640-461/554/722/760/875/878/911/916 exams USD 250.00
  • 640-864 CCDA exam USD 250.00 
  • 642-xxx Professional Level exams USD 250.00 
  • 644-xxx Specialization exams USD 250.00 
  • 648-xxx Channel ATP exams USD 250.00 
  • 820-xxx Cisco Business Specialist Written Level 2 exams USD 250.00 
  • 200-120 Associate Level exam USD 295.00 
  • 830-xxx Cisco Business Specialist Practical exams USD 350.00
  • 840-xxx Cisco Business Value Practitioner exams USD 350.00
  • 350-xxx CCIE Written and 352-001 CCDE Written Qualifier exams USD 400.00 
  • 400-xxx Expert Level Written CCIE exams USD 400.00 
  • 352-011 CCDE Practical exam USD 1,600.00 
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