Workshop Development – DevOps for Infrastructure

Workshop Development - DevOps for Infrastructure

April 2022

How Sunset Learning addressed the evolving network landscape by introducing a 3-part DevOps for Infrastructure workshop series, resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants on its relevance and effectiveness.

"Great, informative and exciting workshop.”


In recent years, there has been a significant shift in how customers perceive and approach networks. Increasingly, infrastructure is transitioning to cloud-based solutions, and customers now prefer to purchase managed services instead of physical equipment. This change in mindset has led to a new philosophy and the emergence of the need for DevOps. DevOps is crucial in addressing the obstacles posed by traditional software development and operations models in order to effectively adapt to this evolving network landscape.


SLI has identified the necessity for network engineers to alter their mindset and adopt a new perspective on networks, namely DevOps. DevOps promotes the implementation of continuous integration and continuous deployment, requiring ongoing collaboration and communication between development and operations teams. Thus, SLI developed a 3-part workshop that explains DevOps applicability & relevance to individuals responsible for selling and deploying data networks.

  • Workshop 1: Network Configuration Management through a DevOps Approach
  • Workshop 2: Where’s the Automation?
  • Workshop 3: Model Driven DevOps


Through the course of all three workshops we tackle a common customer use case by making network management easier and eliminating single points of failure by providing an automated process. By starting with the basics and gradually building on the foundational concepts with interactive labs and content we make it easy to learn a seemingly complex solution.

Survey Results:

  • Over 96% of participants strongly agree the workshop take-aways will be useful to me for continued learning or for application in my job.
  • Over 94% of participants strongly agree the content is likely to improve the value of customer solutions.
  • 95% of participants strongly agree that overall, they were satisfied with the workshop.