Private Training with Mentoring

Private Cisco Contact Center Training with Mentoring

July 2022

How Sunset Learning provided a tailored Cisco Contact Center training solution paired with post-deployment mentoring for a renowned academic medical center, ensuring staff readiness and optimal performance in their new UCCE environment.


A new Contact Center solution was being deployed in the near future, so it was necessary to provide training for the agents and administrators who would be working with the new product day-to-day. The goal was to provide them with the knowledge and requirements needed to perform their job in the new UCCE environment. They also requested support for any unexpected questions post-deployment.


The customer came to Sunset Learning for their expertise in Contact Center training. SLI developed the UCCE and PCCE curriculum for Cisco, making the conversation and planning a smooth process for everyone involved. After numerous meetings between the customer, SLI’s subject matter expert, and sales representative, the training plan was put into motion.


The students took a semi-customized UCCE course, followed by two days of interactive mentoring after the deployment. The mentoring allowed them to ask specific questions that applied to real-life scenarios. The result was a highly satisfying experience meeting the customer’s needs and setting them up for success with their new Contact Center solution.