Private Instructor-Led Training for the US Army

Private Instructor-Led Training for the US Army

August 2022

How Sunset Learning efficiently organized and conducted private instructor-led CompTIA training sessions for 30 US Army members, ensuring timely certifications and earning high praise for their knowledgeable facilitation.

"The facilitator is knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter. I'm now able to apply the experience to simplify scenarios in my job."


To fulfill their job requirements and maintain their positions within the US Army, a group of 30 members needed to undergo instructor-led CompTIA training and earn their certifications. Failure to acquire these credentials could result in losing their current positions and being assigned elsewhere. Not all 30 individuals were able to be trained simultaneously and there was a tight window for the training and certifications to be completed.


To meet the scheduling requirements of the 30 US Army members, Sunset Learning delivered multiple private sessions, dividing them into three groups to ensure that not everyone was away at the same time. This approach allowed all members to complete the necessary training and obtain the required certifications within the specific time frame. Additionally, the deal included exam vouchers to further streamline scheduling. Sunset Learning was ultimately chosen amongst others due to our agility and ability to quickly organize everything necessary to fulfill their needs.


Sunset Learning successfully accomplished the objective of training all 30 members within the Army’s specified timeframe and budget. Not only was it completed according to their needs, the students were extremely satisfied with the training and have plans to work with Sunset Learning for other upcoming training needs.

"Instructor provided numerous practical examples and was very interactive."