SLI Receives Multiple Cisco Instructor Excellence Awards 2017

October 1, 2017 – Each year, Cisco recognizes outstanding CCSIs (Cisco Certified Systems Instructors) for their overall performance as measured by the satisfaction surveys students take after attending training.  The 2017 award winners are in the top 25% of CCSIs and are being recognized for delivering remarkable customer experience in each technology from FY2016.

Sunset Learning  Winners








  • Benjamin Nguyen
  • Marty Griffin
  • Mike Keutzer

Routing & Switching:

  • Russell Hughes (received both the instructor excellence award and the Distinguished Instructor award)

The Distinguished Instructor Award recognizes the top 5% of Cisco’s influential CCSI’s who provide the highest quality training experience, and demonstrate the best overall instructor performance across multiple Cisco technologies, as measured by the customer satisfaction survey throughout FY2016.