Case Study, Service Provider Custom Training


A service provider was looking to transition their network from a hosted network to an internally managed infrastructure. Their main concern was the variations in experience levels from their internal engineering staff and that everyone on staff had limited experience with multicast functionality and features.


Develop a training plan to ensure that all the service provider engineers had the training needed manage, maintain and troubleshoot their network.

Sunset Learning Solution:

After Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) completed an assessment of the service provider’s network landscape and current staff we had a full understanding of where the holes where and had a clear training plan to enable the service provider to manage their own network.

What SLI concluded was that they needed to deliver two different levels of training to several groups of engineers. For the tier-one entry level engineers, Sunset Learning developed a 4-day custom course that included key topics from the current CCNA curriculum while also integrating components of multicast. This would allow all entry level engineers to be able to manage their network on a day-to-day basis.

For the tier-two engineers we developed a custom courses that was a 5-day advanced training that combined the pertinent features of multicast (80% of the class) and IS-IS routing (20% of the class). This course was intended for the advanced level of engineers who would be responsible for configuration, troubleshooting and overall maintenance of their network.

In conclusion, by customizing the training for the service provider Sunset learning was able to save them excessive time out of the office by combining the pertinent information from several off-the-shelf courses and delivering it for them in single week training sessions at their location.