Case Study, Government Agency Training Management


A local government agency was in the process of moving from a PBX to a VOIP environment. With the help of an integrator, the government agency was implementing Cisco Communications Manager, Contact Center Express and Unity. In conjunction with this VOIP upgrade, the government agency decided that a network infrastructure upgrade was also mandatory to support the new VOIP architecture. As a part of the upgrade, they decided that adding new security was also necessary.



Develop a training plan to ensure all engineers would be experienced and ready for the new technology upgrade, coordinate a schedule that would eliminate any engineering scheduling conflicts, and identify cross training opportunities to maximize future coverage.



The Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) account management team evaluated current capabilities held by the engineering staff, recommended a concise training plan to ensure every engineer had the training needed to support the new upgrade, and also organized the training plan accordingly to help eliminate schedule conflicts for the various teams.

The final training plan was for 14 different engineers, ranging from the telecom team, security team and the network team. SLI was able to coordinate for each engineer 2-3 training courses based on experience levels. The engineer experience levels varied from new to networking to advanced technology experience.

SLI recommended an assortment of classes to cover topics such as introduction to networking, contact center express deployment training, and data center design courses, and felt that several custom private deliveries geared to the government agencies specific network architecture was necessary.

In the end, Sunset Learning was able to save the government agency over $36,000 in training dollars by recommending the most efficient training paths for individual engineers, and capitalizing on training dollars by combining necessary course materials from several off the shelf courses into single weeks of training.