SLI Case Studies

Custom Training Case Studies

The possibilities are endless when considering a custom training session. Our developers and instructors have the experience to create and execute your ideal training solution. The most apparent benefits for our customers who attend our custom courses include, minimizing time spent out of the office while maximizing knowledge gained for the engineers about their specific solutions to improve efficiency.


Complete Training Management Case Studies

At Sunset Learning Institute (SLI), we want to make training convenient for our customer’s; which is why we offer a service to our customer that enables us to fully manage their training needs in efforts to consolidate classes, eliminate scheduling conflicts and improve ROI.

Through a concentrated evaluation, SLI gains a clear understanding of our customer’s existing network landscape, current engineering capabilities, upcoming implementations, and then develops a comprehensive training plan that elevates our customer’s organization to fully capitalize on their infrastructure and engineering resources.

We at Sunset Learning focus exclusively on Cisco training and are considered experts in the industry, but understand that Cisco may be only a portion of your training needs. That is why we have existing partnerships & programs established to help consolidate all your training needs; allowing us to take-on the management and coordination of your entire training plan.

Once an all-inclusive training plan is decided upon, we then oversee to ensure training happens in a timely manner, goes smoothly and all required certification exams are taken. We are also available to help map out and supervise certification requirements for all Cisco certifications.

As on ongoing service, we will report back to you essential information to your organization such as cost savings, class/student histories, instructor scores per training courses attended, and any needed certification requirement updates.