SLI Case Studies

Learning Development Case Studies

Client Need: Organize learning content that will support onboarding and accessibility

Solution: Built micro-learning content, on-the-job task performance references, and organized it on a learning platform

Outcome: Enabled hundreds of new business critical team members to tackle the goal to generate $1.2B in annual revenue in software sales and service renewals

Client Need: Client needed to develop a program to train and document training of Engineering personnel to comply with General Data Protection Regulation.

Solution: A microlearning based program was designed and developed including use of games to reinforce learning to meet Cisco requirements.

Outcome: The program was rolled out to 40,000 employees WW to facilitate GDPR compliance.

Client Need: Client needed to increase Engineering team knowledge of basic and advanced security concepts and apply them to product designs.

Solutions: Developed training program security badging program for Software Developers and Engineers.

Outcome: This program, known as Security Ninja, became the most popular company training program serving more than 30,000 Engineers worldwide.

Client Need: Product Development personnel needed to learn and understand requirements / components of Company’s Product Development (PD) Methodology.

Solution: Developed a training program targeted for employees responsible for product development.

Outcome: Trained 3,000 PD personnel WW resulting in improved consistency & compliance with PD development requirements.

Client Need: Client  needed to identify and assess risk within specific areas of the business.

Solution: Developed a training program that educated employees on the business function and requirements of “corporate risk.”

Outcome: 2,000 employees taught to develop consistent risk assessments in their role of Corporate Risk monitors. As a result, employees can address risk Company wide.

Client Need: Client required a self-service approach to technical assistance to improve customer experience.

Solution: Developed library of video/microlearning aids, made accessible through a training portal, assisting customers with install, config, and App integration.

Outcome: The portal enabled quick, affordable content creation updates resulting in rapid development of their customer training library.

Client Need: Client has a large repository of eLearning technical content. The desire is to have all the content metadata tagged so customer technical personnel can access specific and small “bites” of information needed to fulfill requirements of their jobs, in real time, without having to view an entire course when only a small piece of information is needed to accomplish a job task. This project was for one specific course.

Solution: We partnered one of our top subject matter experts with an instructional designer to metadata tag the CLCOR content and enter the data into client’s content management tool.

Outcome: Course content has been posted with the tags and now accessible to their customers to access the right information at the right time for a more efficient and cost effective training model.

Custom Training Case Studies

The possibilities are endless when considering a custom training session. Our developers and instructors have the experience to create and execute your ideal training solution. The most apparent benefits for our customers who attend our custom courses include, minimizing time spent out of the office while maximizing knowledge gained for the engineers about their specific solutions to improve efficiency.

Complete Training Management Case Studies

At Sunset Learning Institute (SLI), we want to make training convenient for our customer’s; which is why we offer a service to our customer that enables us to fully manage their training needs in efforts to consolidate classes, eliminate scheduling conflicts and improve ROI.

Through a concentrated evaluation, SLI gains a clear understanding of our customer’s existing network landscape, current engineering capabilities, upcoming implementations, and then develops a comprehensive training plan that elevates our customer’s organization to fully capitalize on their infrastructure and engineering resources.

We at Sunset Learning focus exclusively on Cisco training and are considered experts in the industry, but understand that Cisco may be only a portion of your training needs. That is why we have existing partnerships & programs established to help consolidate all your training needs; allowing us to take-on the management and coordination of your entire training plan.

Once an all-inclusive training plan is decided upon, we then oversee to ensure training happens in a timely manner, goes smoothly and all required certification exams are taken. We are also available to help map out and supervise certification requirements for all Cisco certifications.

As on ongoing service, we will report back to you essential information to your organization such as cost savings, class/student histories, instructor scores per training courses attended, and any needed certification requirement updates.