Learning Program Design & Inventory Management

SLI has a rich and varied custom learning development experience. Our proven and scalable development process finds its foundation in a partnership with our client before, during and after development to ensure that incremental successes lead to a solid final learning product.

Organizations typically require an initial, organization-wide analysis to identify the essential learning requirements to support their business objectives. We assist in the process of establishing an initial set of organizational learning objectives, as well as periodically evaluating and adjusting learning objectives to ensure the learning strategy is consistently aligned with ever-changing corporate business objectives.

  • Comprehensive Learning Needs Analysis and Demand Planning
  • Quarterly and Annual Alignment to Business Objectives
  • Flexible Learning Plans to Support New Product Introduction
  • Organizational Talent Development Plans
  • Concrete Goal Setting, Data Collection, and Analysis Around Learner Behaviors
  1. Technical and Sales Programs
  2. New Product Introduction Programs
  3. Certification Programs
    1. We develop and support certification programs, or training programs offered by an organization to employees, proving they have achieved a measured level of knowledge within a specific competency or skillset. This support includes the identification of overall process, required stages of learning, program components, groups, structure, and rollout.
  4. Product Demos

We maintain a current inventory of organizational learning and knowledge assets and identifies where assets need to be developed or updated. Asset management is an ongoing service. Asset development/updates are part of quarterly/annual learning strategy planning.

  • Just-In-Time and Microlearning Content Development
  • eLearning or Media Asset Development
  • ILT Facilitator and Learner Guides
  • New Content Design and Development
  • Assessment Authoring
  • Blended Learning Solutions
  • Ongoing Asset Inventory, Management, Evaluation and Update Strategy
  • Demo and Hands-On Lab Development

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