Zero Code AI Chatbots with ChatGPT

In this 2-day course, learn how to utilize the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool APIs for ChatGPT. Coding has often been seen as the barrier preventing access to next-gen tools sets outside of computer sciences. Therefore, in this Zero Code course, students will learn to create and deploy AI chatbots with little to no time spent on coding concepts.

By the end of this course, students should have a clear understanding of how to control the APIs behind this leading AI tool set, how to utilize those AI APIs to create useful business solutions, such as a chatbot application, as well as use AI to build novel solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

Course Information

Price: Private Inquiries Only
Duration: 2 days
Learning Credits:
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  • Coding experience in any language is helpful, but not required.


Target Audience:

  • Computer Science and IT Specialists
  • Sales, Operations, and Marketing Engineers
  • Customer Service Management
  • Administrators


Course Objectives:

  • How to use ChatGPT
  • Overview of AI landscape and buzz words
  • Skills to build helpful business applications, specifically chatbots
  • Testing code generated with AI
  • Best practices


Course Outline:

Day 01: Introduction to AI and utilizing AI APIs 

  • Overview of AI landscape 
  • AI Terminology 
  • Overview of ChatGPT 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLPs) 
  • Large Language Models (LLMs) 
  • Ethical dilemmas and legal concerns surrounding AI 
  • Designing a chatbot 
  • Generating a ChatGPT API Key 
  • Exploring ChatGPT API 
  • Selecting a model 
  • Interacting with a chatbot 

Day 02: Building a chatbot with ChatGPT API 

  • Planning 
  • Restrictions and policy 
  • Sourcing training data 
  • Chatbot Testing 
  • Feature implementation 
  • Building a web page with WordPress 
  • Implementation; using our chatbot with our new webpage 
  • Deploying a chatbot to social media channels; Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack, 
  • Amazon Alexa 
  • Logging and recording conversations 
  • Catching metrics 
  • Making improvements to our chatbots 
  • Other problems you can solve with AI APIs 
  • Generating code snippets with AI API 
  • Open Source LLMs to know about 
  • Business use case scenarios 


  • Getting started with ChatGPT 
  • Generating a chatbot with ChatGPT 
  • Restricting and improving your chatbot 
  • Deploying our chatbot to a WordPress website 
  • Deploying our chatbot to social media channels; Facebook Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp, and Amazon Alexa 
  • Generating images and visualizations from prompts 
  • Creating code snippets and scripts