Unlock the Power of Copilot and OpenAI with Prompt Engineering: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices (Copilot365 OpenAI Workshop)

This Workshop will show you how to use Prompt Engineering to improve your Copilot and OpenAI experience. You will learn the basics and the tricks of Prompt Engineering, how Copilot works, and how to apply it to your projects.

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Price: $495.00
Duration: 0.5 day
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Target Audience:

This Workshop is aimed at AI professionals and enthusiasts, developers, software engineers, data scientists, and anyone interested in maximizing Copilot's performance through Prompt Engineering techniques. The audience is expected to have a basic level of understanding of OpenAI and Copilot, but the content will be tailored to benefit both beginners and those with prior knowledge. The presentation will cover everything from fundamental concepts to advanced strategies, providing valuable insights for those who wish to optimize the performance of these tools in their projects.


Course Objectives:

The main objective of this Workshop is to provide participants with a complete understanding of Prompt Engineering applied to Copilot and OpenAI. It seeks to explore basic and advanced concepts of Prompt Engineering, understand the inner workings of Copilot, learn advanced strategies to improve results, and provide practical examples of integration in projects. In addition, it is intended to offer an insight into the future prospects and developments in OpenAI in relation to Prompt Engineering.


Course Outline:


  • Welcome and introduction of the speaker.
  • Objectives of the webinar.
  • Brief introduction to Copilot and OpenAI.

Prompt Engineering Basics:

  • Explanation of what Prompt Engineering is.
  • Importance of formulating precise instructions.
  • Examples of how prompts affect Copilot responses.

Inner Workings of Copilot:

  • Description of the underlying architecture of Copilot.
  • How it interprets and generates responses.
  • Role of the prompt in the interaction with Copilot.

Advanced Prompt Engineering Strategies:

  • Exploration of advanced techniques to optimize results.
  • Use of negative and positive examples.
  • Fine-tuning prompts for specific tasks.

Integration of Copilot into Practical Projects:

  • Real-world use cases of Prompt Engineering in projects.
  • Examples of success and lessons learned.
  • Recommendations for implementing in work environments.

Questions & Answers:

  • Interaction with the audience.
  • Answer questions live.
  • Share additional resources and references.

Live Hands-On Demo with OpenAI:

  • Practical example of the application of Prompt Engineering in Copilot.
  • Live demonstration of how to adjust and experiment with prompts.
  • Exploration of results and comparison with conventional approaches.

Future Prospects and Developments in OpenAI:

  • A brief overview of upcoming updates and developments in Copilot.
  • Future opportunities for Prompt Engineering in artificial intelligence projects.