Architecting on AWS Jam

The Architecting on AWS Jam is a gamified event, with teams competing to score points by completing a series of challenges according to established best practices based on concepts covered in the Architecting on AWS course. You get to experience a wide range of AWS services in a series of real-world scenarios that represent common operational and troubleshooting tasks.

The end result is developing, enhancing, and validating your skillsets in the AWS Cloud through real-world problem-solving, exploring new services, features, and understanding how they interoperate.

Course Information

Price: $995.00
Duration: 1 day
Learning Credits:
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Architecting on AWS


Target Audience:

This course is intended for solutions architects, solution-design engineers, developers seeking an understanding of AWS architecting, and individuals seeking the AWS Solutions Architect-Associate certification.


Course Objectives:

  • Hands-on format, putting learners in the driver’s seat to make decisions and solve problems in an active AWS Cloud environment to amplify understanding
  • Challenges based on real-world scenarios so your team can build practical skills
  • Develop your team’s skillsets in the AWS Cloud to advance your cloud adoption journey
  • Facilitated by an expert AWS instructor who can answer questions and give real-time feedback
  • Validate learning through reports on teams including benchmarks, completion times, and which challenges were the most difficult
  • Reinforce your team’s learning while it’s still fresh in your team’s heads – AWS Jam can be added after the final day of classroom training class


Course Outline:

AWS Jam is a gamified event with teams competing to win by completing a series of hands-on challenges on the AWS platform over the course of a day. Participants develop, enhance, and validate team skill sets in the AWS Cloud through real-world problem-solving. Each AWS Jam takes place in a pre-created AWS infrastructure that is based on common use cases that participants use to determine what happened, how to best respond, and how to deploy appropriate solutions. While each challenge has a set of goals, the path to the solution is open-ended, allowing teams the freedom to play and learn by exploring different approaches and combinations of AWS services.

Participants will experience a wide range of AWS services in a series of real-world scenarios that represent common operational and troubleshooting tasks. A live leaderboard provides updates on team stats and progress. Teams earn the most points by solving challenges before the other teams. If they get stuck, they can use clues, but each clue will reduce their score.


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