Agent/Supervisor Training

Agent Session
1 Hour

Supervisor Session
1.5 Hours

Our Agent/Supervisor training is done as a customized engagement for specific customer instances.

Agent Training focuses on topics such as signing into the Agent Desktop, installing the required desktop application, changing availability state, using the Agent Interface, applying wrap-up reasons, generating error reports, understanding screen pops, and handling calls in the Webex App.

Supervisor End User Training covers accessing the Supervisor Portal, utilizing supervisor dashboards, managing agent activities, searching and listening to call recordings, monitoring calls, scheduling monitoring sessions, coaching agents, accessing reports and dashboards, and filtering data for analysis.

Agent sessions are generally about 1 hour and Supervisor sessions are 1 ½. This can be done onsite, virtually, or we can build a digital solution for you.

Agent Training

1 Hour

Working with Agent Desktop

  • Sign into the Agent Desktop
  • Install the Desktop Application (Chrome)
  • Change the Availability State
  • Getting familiar with the Agent Interface
  • Apply a Wrap-Up Reason
  • Creating an Error report to submit to Support
  • Screen Pops
  • Sign out of the Agent Desktop
  • Sign Out from the Desktop
  • Access Agent Performance Statistics Reports

Webex App (Terminates the Audio)

  • Getting Familiar with the Webex App
  • Toaster Pop ups
  • Answering a call
  • Placing a call on hold
  • Transferring a call
  • Conferencing a call
  • Outbound Calls
  • End a call

Supervisor Training

30 Minutes

Supervisor Functions

  • The Webex Contact Center Supervisor Portal
    • Supervisor Dashboards
    • Force Signing an Agent Out
  • Searching for a recording
  • Listening to a recording
  • Tagging a recording
  • Monitoring
    • Silent Monitoring
    • Scheduling a monitoring session
    • Monitor Next Call
    • Continuous Monitor
    • Silent Monitoring
    • Coaching
    • Barging into a Call
  • Accessing Reports and Dashboards
    • Stock and Custom Reports
    • Stock and Custom Dashboards
    • Filtering the Report and Dashboard data

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