Cisco Continuing Education

What Is Cisco Continuing Education?

The Cisco Continuing Education Program offers all certification holders flexible options to recertify by completing a variety of eligible Continuing Education items. Keep reading to learn more about Continuing Education options and to discover how you can maintain your certifications by doing the things that certified professionals already love to do.


The Continuing Education program is intended to encourage candidates to maintain, grow, and diversify skillsets by offering flexible, configurable pathways to validate skills and recertify existing certifications. This will result in IT professionals bringing value to their organization and the industry by maintaining their status as a Cisco professional.

Recertification Requirements

To recertify via Continuing Education, complete the following steps before your current certification becomes inactive:

  • Enrolling the program by logging into the Continuing Education portal
  • Agree to the Continuing Education Terms and Conditions as part of the enrollment process
  • Complete your chosen recertification pathway which may include earning a specific number of CE credits from the preapproved Continuing Education offerings
  • Submit your completed item(s) for credit via the Continuing Education portal within 90 days of completing the item(s)
  • Track your progress in the Certification Tracking System (with the exception of CCIE/CCDE)
  • CCIE/CCDE recertification status can be tracked through the CCIE tracker
  • Recertification will be automatically processed when the criteria are met/approved
  • Candidates must have an active certification (from the day the certification is earned through the day the certification expires/recertified) to earn credit