Arista Lab & Courseware Instructions

Arista Lab & Courseware Instructions

For your convenience, the course workbook is available in an online library via Mimeo Digital. You can access it on your computer browser or on the device of your choice. There is no expiration date on this material.

  1. Set up your free account (or login if you are an existing user with Mimeo) at You can also download the Mimeo Digital app from your preferred app store: Apple, Google Play, Windows, or Amazon.
  2. Once you have logged in, click on “Redeem a Key” and enter your personal key code: XXXX
  3. Your content will now populate. If your content is not loaded after 30 seconds, you may need to refresh your browser page.
  4. You can now begin interacting with the content, including saving it for offline access and taking notes.
  5. If you need any help, check out the Live Support from Mimeo for 24/7 customer care


Your lab environment will be available to you for three weeks: one week for your training class and two weeks to continue your practice after your training class is completed. This lab environment is yours and it is not shared with anyone else. Your lab environment is part of your training and cannot be extended beyond the three weeks we have them provisioned.

Your instructor will share the lab guide information and go through the basics with you on how to navigate CVP and SSH in order to complete the labs, so please hold any questions until you have gone over the basics in class. All lab questions during your training week should be directed to your instructor first.


If you have questions, please contact