Savings Programs

SLI has designed several savings programs to help you stretch your IT training dollar. Choose the right promotion for you from the following offerings:

Alumni Discount & Referral Program

SLI appreciates the opportunity to service customer needs beyond our first training solution. As such, we have developed an Alumni Discount and Referral Program to not only reward additional training, but to show our appreciation for any customer referrals. For more information contact Sunset Learning today!

ClassPass Program – Volume Purchase Vouchers

The volume purchase discount program for pre-purchasing class vouchers can be applied to SLI Cisco training classes. Train one person multiple times or multiple people in a single event. Take advantage of our annual planning and extend your budget through this bulk purchase program.

We understand that each organization is unique and that budget issues do not always match up with training needs. In cases where your organization needs flexibility in training at a valued price, SLI offers the ClassPass program.

SLI ClassPasses are a package of class vouchers that can be used however and whenever you like. Volume purchasing allows for bulk discounts, providing great savings and convenience.

ClassPasses are sold in units that are redeemable for classes. Each unit equals one Cisco class. ClassPasses may be applied to any SLI publicly delivered course within the designated purchase period with a retail price of $4,000 or less.

The Benefits

  • Purchase training vouchers now and define exact training needs later.
  • Lock in the bulk purchase savings now: Have students attend the course within 6 months or 12 months or registration.
  • Simplify training purchasing: Train 5, 10 or a team of 25 for one low price.
  • Save money on each course for each person or train one person multiple times or multiple people at once.
  • One purchase order is all that is needed to register for the courses


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