Sunset Learning Course Participation FAQs

Q: How can I get details on my class registration?

A: The quickest and easiest way is to visit our Registrations Detail page and enter in your Registration ID and Last Name which is found on the confirmation sent to you.  If you do not know your Registration ID, email or call 888.888.5251 and ask to speak to someone in our Student Services Dept. 


Q: How do I know what my local start time is for the class?

A: We list start and end times in your Registration Detail page.  These are listed in the time zone of where the instructor is teaching from – pay special attention to the time zone and adjust the time accordingly.  Most Sunset Learning Institute run from 10 am ET (9 am CT, 8 am MT, 7 am PT) until 6 pm ET (5 pm CT, 4 pm MT, 3 pm PT), except for bootcamps which usually run from 10 am ET – 8 pm ET.  


Q: How do I know where I am taking the class?

A: In your Registration Detail Page, check the training facility and training facility address.  This is where you are registered to take the course.  


Q: How do I know if I am taking the class where the instructor is teaching from? 

A: If the training facility matches the instructor delivery facility you are scheduled to participate in the same location as the instructor.  If these do not match, you are scheduled to participate over our HD-ILT (High Definition Instructor Led Training) Network

If there is no information if the instructor delivery facility filed of your registration, then the instructor deliver location has not been determined yet. 


Q: What is HD-ILT?

A: HD-ILT (High Definition Instructor Led Training) is Sunset Learning’s unique interactive remote training system.  For more information including a video demonstration of the system, please visit our HD-ILT page. 


Q: What do I need to participate via HD-ILT?

A: Minimum requirements for participation in HD-ILT can be found here: 


Q: What if I am enrolled in a class that is being offered HD-ILT, can’t I just attend from my home or office instead?

A: Of course!  We just ask that you let us know that if want to switch at least 2 weeks prior to class start so we can make the necessary arrangements.  If you choose to change training locations with less than 2 weeks notice then there is a $300 change fee that must be paid prior to attending class.  

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