SLI Instructors

At Sunset Learning Institute (SLI), our instructors make the difference! SLI’s instructors hold the most respected certifications in the networking industry. To enable our instructors to be true experts in their field, we have developed an instructor specialization program. Each instructor is assigned as the resident expert for a specific technology area and is responsible for enhancing the existing curriculum to best fit the needs of our customers. By having such focus, our instructors excel in training delivery and development.

Sunset Learning Institute was recognized with others for the Cisco Quality Distinction Awards. These awards are given to Cisco Learning Partners, and individual instructors, who have demonstrated the best overall performance as measured by customer satisfaction survey results and a continued commitment to high-quality Cisco training. Sunset Learning was acknowledged as an overall organization for having high quality ratings and being above a threshold established by Cisco. These ratings are based on class averages for all instructors. Additionally, several individual instructors from SLI were personally recognized for achieving an average above this threshold.

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