SIP – Session Initiation Protocol Fundamentals

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol Fundamentals

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is seemingly everywhere these days; voice, video, instant messaging, telephony providers all rely on SIP to establish, maintain, and tear down media sessions. SIP is supported by nearly every vendor and used extensively in today’s IP collaboration networks.

In this video Sunset Learning Institute instructor John Meersma gives an introduction and tutorial of what SIP is and how it works. In addition, John uses tools such as call trace and debug to examine and explain SIP messages.

Key Topics:
SIP Basics – :38
SIP Messages: Requests, Responses – 1:18
SIP Operation – 4:19
SIP SDP Media Negotiation – 7:37
SIP Diagram Example Walk-Through – 10:44

Cisco SIP Fundamentals Video

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John Meersma Bio:

John Meersma has nearly twenty years of experience working in the IT industry. His areas of focus are Collaboration; voice, video, and SIP, in addition to routing and switching. John has put his enthusiasm for data networking and his love of working with people to work as an instructor. Over the past two decades, he has taught a wide variety of IT courses to diverse audiences.


Session Initiation Protocol

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