Overview on ICM Scripts in Contact Center Enterprise

By Mike Keutzer | 14 Min Video | Technical Level: Intermediate

In this brief discussion, Sunset Learning will show you how to get your ICM scripts to run, and the association between the dialed number, call type and how to schedule the ICM Scripts. We will also demonstrate two ways to get the dialed number and call typed mapped.

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About Mike Keutzer:


Mike Keutzer has been involved in information systems for almost 30 years. His IT career started in the Marine Corps where he spent 8 years as a computer technician working on radar defense systems. He carried that experience to 20+ years of work in the private sector. After leaving the military Mike spent time working as a technician maintaining computers and printers, managing and supporting Mainframe, AS/400, Novell, UNIX, Mac, and Windows networks –mostly within the world of Contact (Call) Center environments.

Upon returning to SLI, Mike was afforded the opportunity to become one of the first instructors certified to teach the ICM product (ICR at the time, formerly Geotel). Mike also continued to augment his education of the Cisco Voice world with courseware and implementation of early CallManager and Unity systems, as well as IOS based Voice classes and implementation. Back in these early days, UCCE or IPCCE hadn’t been formally ‘invented’ –ICM at the time was mostly integrated with the Legacy Voice systems of the world. Being fortunate, Mike was able to see the current Contact Center Enterprise environment (which includes ICM as a core component) from birth to its current state of maturation and is now where he spends most of his instructional duties. His expertise in the various components of the UCCE solution(s), as well as his data/application/voice background, allows him to tailor each delivery to meet the needs of his students. He has authored several contact center training materials, including the current UCCE courseware (AUCCE1, AUCCE2, DUCCE) for Cisco, as well as efforts at bringing Enterprise Chat & Email (ECE) to the table.

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