Tech Talk Webinars

Tech Talk Webinars

SLI hosts a series of virtual, interactive sessions for customers, instructors & SME’s to engage on a variety of topics, driven by our members.  Sessions are recorded and archived for future viewing within the neXT Learning Community.

Session Types:  Delta & New Featured Topics, Open Q&A Workshops, Exam Prep & Guidance, Lab Demos

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Cisco Infrastructure: Nov 25 – 27

Cisco Collaboration: Nov 25 – 27

Cisco Contact Center:  Nov 25-27

Cisco Security: Oct 22 – 23

Cisco Data Center: Dec 6

Cisco Collaboration

Native CUCM Emergency Dialing**
What’s New in v12.0!?**
Using Wireshark to troubleshoot SIP**
Using the jabber-config.xml Generator**
Uses for Self-Service User ID**
Globalization Call Routing Explained (E.164 Dialing)**New SIPTO v11.6 Class: Overview of Upgrades
Phone Boot Process
Phone Migration Utility in v12**
Phone Firmware Upgrade Options**
Unity Connection Tools**
TranslatorX Deep Dive**
Setting Up and Retrieving Trace Files in CUCM and RTMT**
CCNA Collaboration Exam Prep
Using Trace Files to Troubleshoot CUCM Media Resource Allocation**
Configuring Cisco TelePresence Solution**
Configuring CUCM and CUBE to Support SIP URI Dialing**

Cisco Contact Center

VVB Configuration**
Exploring CUIC Stock Reports**
Understanding Variables – Advanced**
Dial Numbers, Call Types & Reporting Touchpoints
Skills Groups & Precision Queues
UCCE Enterprise Chat & Email (ECE)**
Outbound Option Installation & Configuration
UCCX Premium Applications Deep Dive**
Finesse Administration – Advanced**
Call Flows & Scripting for UCCX – Advanced**
Accessing Databases for UCCX
How to Kick Start a Call Studio Application from an ICM Script
v12 CCE Release Notes Discussion**
ICM Advanced Scripting Techniques
Review of PCCE R12
UCCIS Exam Prep

Cisco Security

Cisco Security Everywhere
Cisco TrustSec
Cisco Rapid Threat Containment**
Cisco Security SLI Portfolio Overview**
Stealthwatch Demo**
Security within SD-WAN
What is Cisco Umbrella?**
Difference between Cisco Security vs Cyber Security Courses**

Cisco Data Center

Cisco DNA Assurance Overview**
Cisco DNA Center Overview**
Advanced Data Center Networking and Layer 3
Cisco Data Center Network Virtualization
Cisco Unified Computing System
Cisco Data Center Automation and Orchestration
SAN Storage Implementation for Cisco Unified Computing System
Security, Operations and Maintenance for Cisco Unified Computing System
Data Center Infrastructure Storage Services
FCoE Unified Fabric
ACI Overview, Access Policies, Logical Constructs, Codes & Delta Releases**
Configure Logical Device Separation – Virtual Device Context
Configure Logical Device Separation – Managing VDCs
Configure Logical Device Separation – Virtual Routing
Troubleshooting VLANs and Private VLANs
Troubleshooting Port Channels and Virtual PortChannels
Configuring Logical Device Separation – Virtual Device Context
Configuring Logical Device Separation – Managing VDCs
Configuring Logical Device Separation – Virtual Routing and Forwarding
Troubleshooting VLANs and Private VLANs
Troubleshooting Port Channels and Virtual Port Channels
Troubleshooting Cisco FabricPath
Troubleshooting Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)
Cisco HyperFlex Systems
Cisco Application Centric in Infrastructure (ACI) Anywhere

Cisco Infrastructure

How to Solve Every IP Subnetting Question with 3 Shortcuts
Advanced Routing Options
Security: DAI & DHCP Snooping
How to Configure, Verify and Troubleshoot a Router on a Stick
Wireless into Wired:Infrastructure Configuration to Support Wireless
How to Configure, Verify and Troubleshoot Single Area and Multi-Area OSPFv3 or IPv6
Static OSPF IPv6 Routing
Static & EIGRP Routing
Campus Network Architecture
Inter-VLAN Routing
What is SD-WAN?
Overview of Cisco SD-WAN Licensing
Overview of ENSDW Course
Mobility Express**
5G vs NB IoT Service Provider**
Meraki Licensing**
Application Aware Routing Lab
LISP in an SD-Access Environment
SD-Access in a Campus Environment
VXLANs in an SD Access Environment


Routing Instances & Policies
SRX Zones & Security Policies
BGP Communities and Uses
SRX Policies and NAT
Virtual Chassis, Mixed Virtual Chassis & Virtual Chassis Fabric
MC-LAG and Junos Fusion
IP Fabric Concepts, Routing Details and Configuration Steps
EVPN Concepts, Routing Details and Configuration Steps
Juniper SRX IPSEC Options
Juniper SRX UTM, IDP, AppSecure
SRX Chassis Cluster
SLL Proxy and User Authentication
EX Product Overview**
QFX Product Overview**
BFD-Bidirectional Forwarding Detection**
Routing Protocols Security and MAC Security
BGP Next Hop Behavior**
OSPF and ISIS Comparison – BGP Policies**
Traffic Load Balancing in Junos

Big Data

Operating System Preparation (Lecture & Demo)
How to Load Ambari from Scratch (Lecture & Demo)
Configuring Local Repositories (Lecture & Demo)
HDPCD – Hortonworks Certified Developer Exam Prep
HDPCA – Hortonworks Certified Administrator Exam Prep
Free, Open Source Components to Solve “Big Data” Problems**
Deep Dive on Kafka**

**Delta Topics that aren’t covered in any ILT classes!

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