neXT DIGITAL Learning: Cisco Collaboration

This Course Includes neXT LIVE 365


Sunset Learning Institute believes in a 365-day learning experience that begins immediately.  At SLI, you get a range of learning opportunities, from instructor-led hands-on training, to self-directed, customizable learning paths based on your environment, your needs, and your level of experience. We provide the tools and options, and you decide what you need, when you need it, and how you want to learn it! 

Immediate access to supplemental learning assets that are INCLUDED in your purchase:

  • 365 Days of access to SLI’s entire Collaboration Video Reference Library (VRL), not just the 5-day class you sign up for (hundreds of searchable, on-demand learning bytes in 5-15-minute videos)
  • 365 Days of unlimited access to Delta Sessions - what’s Not covered in class! (version upgrades, industry updates, etc.)
  • 365 Days of unlimited 24x7 Access to SLI's Community - collaborate with SLI instructors and other members (monitored daily by SLI instructors) See Community Demo
  • 365 Days of unlimited access to interactive neXTpertise Sessions and other IT resources with SLI instructors (featured hot topics, exam prep, etc.)  See Upcoming neXTpertise Sessions
  • Unlimited access to hosted webinars and all previously recorded sessions
  • Benefits:Training that fits your needs (from high intensity to small learning bytes)
  • Build immediate competency - start at time of purchase!
  • Gain know-how and skills gaps with limited work disruptions
  • Get quick answers to daily challenges - live interaction!


What's Included?

  • ALL of the following Digital Courses from the Cisco Digital Learning Library:
  • Searchable glossary and transcripts
  • HD instructor-led videos
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Bookmark and annotation tools
  • Analytics to track progress
  • Graded challenge assignments
  • Gamification with Leaderboards
  • Full Student Guide textbook
  • Discovery Labs with shareable recordings

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