VCS Expressway Solutions



This open enrollment hands-on course assists technicians and engineers fully understand the technology used by Cisco Telepresence Solutions. Students will also gain knowledge and experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Cisco/TANDBERG Video Communications Servers (VCS) and the newer Cisco Expressway in real-world environments. Students will be given many opportunities to complete hands-on exercises to reinforce all training topics.

Tier II Technical staff and engineers responsible for planning, designing, managing and troubleshooting Video Conferencing networks
  • Basic knowledge of IP, DNS, and firewalls is assumed.
  • Basic understanding of H.323 and SIP technologies advantageous.
  • Prior knowledge of endpoint operations is desirable.
Day 1:
  • H.323 and SIP technology
  • Installation and configuration of VCSs/Expressways
  • H.323 and SIP Network management with VCSs/Expressways
  • Dial plan management
  • Securing VCSs/Expressways
  • Bandwidth control with VCSs/Expressways

Day 2:
  • VideNetwork Security
  • Call control with VCSs/Expressways
  • Troubleshooting with VCSs/Expressways
  • Integrating VCSs/Expressways with CUCM and CMS
A. Introduction to VCSs/Expressways
  • H.323 Primer
  • SIP Primer
  • VCSs/Expressways installation
B. Basic Video Networking
  • H.323 Configuration
  • SIP Configuration
  • Interworking
  • VCS/Expressway Security
C. Network Modeling
  • Subzones
  • Subzone Membership Rules
  • Links
  • Pipes
  • Zones
  • Search Rules
D. Call Processing
  • Transforms
  • Call Policy
  • User Policy
  • Search Rules
E. Troubleshooting Tools
  • Lookup
  • Locate
  • Pattern Check
  • Registration Table
  • Search History
  • Event Logs
  • Network Log
F. Labs (Reinforcing and Competency Building Exercises)
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