Train on Advanced Hadoop (Hadoop 3)


The purpose of this course is to re-introduce Hadoop from a modern, thorough and comprehensive focus. This course will emphasize the advanced characteristics of Hadoop 3.

The two primary frameworks introduced in this course include YARN and HDFS, which offer memory-resident, resource-preserving capabilities. They offer volume-based balancing, node labeling, centralized declaratively managed cache, storage policies and rich utility libraries.

Hadoop 3 can be integrated transparently and declaratively into any legacy or new data infrastructure. The course will also offer guidance to effectively use Hadoop’s native performance augmenting techniques.

50% Lecture 50% Hands-On Labs

Target Audience

Individuals who wish to understand the features of Hadoop 3, become proficient with the implementation of highly performant Hadoop implementations.


Development experience with Java, a previous version of Hadoop and a user’s proficiency with a Unix-based operating system and command line scripts.

Course Outline

  • Day 1: A Comprehensive overview of the Hadoop 3 libraries
  • Day 2: Advanced HDFS Practices
  • Day 3: Advanced YARN Practices

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