TMS Operations and Management


This open enrollment hands-on course assists schedulers, technicians and engineers fully understand how to manage, operate, and maintain their Video TeleConferencing (VTC) network using the Cisco Telepresence Management Suite (TMS) in real-world environments. Students will be given many opportunities to complete hands-on exercises to reinforce all training topics.

Tier I through Tier III Technical staff and engineers responsible for scheduling, operating, managing and troubleshooting Video Conferencing networks using the Cisco TMS
  • Basic knowledge of Video TeleConferencing Operation and Configuration.
  • Prior knowledge of endpoint and MCU operations is desirable.
Day 1:
  • TMS Architecture & Installation
  • TMS Overview
  • System Management
  • Conference Scheduling
  • Conference Management

Day 2:
  • System Maintenance
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Phonebook Management
  • Reporting
A. Telepresence Management Suite (TMS) Architecture & Installation
  • Windows Server 2012
  • TMS Application
  • SQL Database
  • TMS eXchange Engine (TMS XE)
B. Managing Systems using TMS
  • Adding Systems
  • Configuring Systems
  • TMS Ticketing Service
C. Scheduling Calls Using TMS
  • New Booking
  • TMS User Portal
  • Ad Hoc Scheduling
D. Managing Live Conferences using TMS
  • Conference Control Center
  • Graphical Monitor
  • Map Monitor
E. Maintaining Systems using TMS
  • Upgrading Systems
  • Managing Dial Plans
  • Backing Up Systems
F. Troubleshooting Systems using TMS
  • System Navigator
  • Ticketing Service
  • Replacing Systems
  • Comparing Settings on Systems
G. Creating Phone Books using TMS
  • Phone Book Sources
  • Phone Books
H.Labs (Reinforcing and Competency Building Exercises)

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