SQL with ASF Components


This course will present the current ASF projects that provide SQL interfaces. As the student progresses through the course, the student will be able to deduce why one SQL-supporting project might be more appropriate a specific use case than another project that also provides a SQL interface.

The student will be introduced to Hive with LLAP (Hive2), Phoenix on HBase, SQL on Spark, Kafka’s KSQL and Ignite’s SQL interface. Flink will be mentioned but covered extensively in the DFHz course, ASF Flink.

50% Lecture 50% Hands-on Lab

Target Audience

Individuals such as Administrators, Data Engineers and Data Analysts who need to understand the requirements and capabilities of the ASF projects that offer a SQL interface.


Development experience with Java, Hadoop and SQL are a prerequisite. It is suggested that a student new to Hadoop first take the DFHz course ’Advanced Hadoop’ as a prerequisite to this course. 

Course Outline

  • Day 1: Hive with LLAP (Hive 2)
  • Day 2: Phoenix on HBase
  • Day 3: SQL on Spark (with Hive and temporary tables)
  • Day 4: Kafka and KSQL
  • Day 5: SQL on Ignite and a brief overview of Flink

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