Microsoft Power BI for Excel 2013 – Level 2 Power BI Tools



This course builds on the foundation set in the Power BI for Excel Report Builders course.   In this course students will learn how to use the Power View, Power Map, and Power Query add-ins.  Power BI Report Writers will learn how to use Power View to create highly effective interactive reports using data models created by more advanced Power BI Designers. Students will also learn how to build 3D geospatial reports using Power Map as well as how to transform and query data sources using Power Query. Topics covered include creating effective and professional reports, effectively applying new visualization techniques using Power View, creating geospatial Power Map tours, using data transformations to prepare for data modeling, and creating simple custom data calculations. 


Excel levels 1, & 2, including PivotTable & Pivot Chart skills; plus a basic understanding of database concepts.
Power BI for Excel Level 1.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 : Introducing Power BI Tools

  • Microsoft’s Self-Service Power Bi Model 
  • What Is Power BI for Excel
Lesson 2 : Power View for Excel 2013
  • What Is Power View? 
  • Planning Power View Reports 
  • Creating Power View Reports 
  • Power View Interface Components
Lesson 3 : Understanding Charts
  • Understanding Table Visualizations 
  • Chart Visualizations 
  • Additional Power View Features 
  • Power View Tiles 
  • Power View Slicers 
  • Multiples
Lesson 4 : Power Map for Excel 2013
  • What Is Power Map? 
  • Preparing a Power Map Tour 
  • Power Map Designer 
  • Creating a Power Map 
  • Power Map Formatting Tools 
  • Finalizing a Power Map Tour
Lesson 5 : Power Query for Excel 2013
  • What Is Power Query? 
  • Power Query Interface 
  • Creating a Power Query

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