Microsoft Power BI for Excel 2016 – Level 4 DAX Functions


This course is built for Power BI for Excel Designers that will be responsible for taking basic PowerPivot data models turning them into powerful business intelligence solutions. This course takes an in depth approach to the DAX language, teaching designers how to build models that extend the capabilities of source data for more in-depth, customized business intelligence solutions. Specific topics covered include proper understanding of DAX evaluation, controlling evaluation context, understanding relational functions, error handling within the data model, working with complex time intelligence calculations, creating advanced DAX dashboards and report elements using Slicers.


Power BI for Excel Level 3.

Course Outline

Module 1: DAX Functionality Review

  •     Review Of Calculated Column
  •     PivotTable Function
  •     Review Of Measure
  •     Rules Of DAX Measure
  •     Evaluation Context
  •     Formatting DAX Code
Module 2: Controlling Content & Values
  •     Controlling Values
  •     Switch Function
  •     Error Handling
Module 3: Context Control Functions
  •     Filter Function
  •     All Function
  •     Iterative Functions
  •     Earlier Function
  •     Calculate Function
  •     Additional Uses Of The All Function
Module 4: Contexts In Relationships
  •     Working With Many Tables
  •     Row Context & Relationships
  •     Filter Context & Relationships
  •     Values Function
Module 5:  Advanced Concepts
  •     Circular Dependencies
  •     Controlling Totals
  •     Advanced Hierarchy Concepts
Module 6: Time Intelligence Calculations
  •     Working With Date Tables
  •     Calculating Operating Periods
  •     Working With Missing Periods
  •     DAX Date Functions
  •     Advanced Date Functions
  •     Prior Year Functions
  •     Moving Averages
Module 7: DAX Dashboard Techniques
  •     Parameter Tables
  •     Banding
  •     Ranking
  •     Advanced Slicer Techniques

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