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MEF SDCP Academy – 4 Week Program

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The SD-WAN market is one of the hottest in the communications industry, and because of this there is a huge need for education and alignment on terminology to help increase market efficiencies. The MEF SD-WAN Standardization is the industry’s first global standard defining an SD-WAN service and its service attributes to help accelerate SD-WAN market growth and facilitate creation of powerful new MEF 3.0 hybrid networking solutions for digital transformation. 

Getting a MEF SDCP certification comes with several benefits, and as an accredited SDCP training provider Sunset Learning can help get you there with MEF Academy and our exam pass guarantee! An exam voucher is included with the program.

Why Choose MEF Academy vs. Traditional Instructor-Led Training?

Campus-Style Learning

Improves synthesis of the material
Friendly schedule for learner and employer

Peer & Instructor Interaction

Maintain high-value elements of a live event with breakout rooms and 1:1 sessions

Content in Multiple Modalities

Efficient blend of self-study and instructor-led learning styles to reinforce learning, reduce forgetting curve, and increase ease of consumption

Emphasis on Exam Preparation Tools

Exam simulators and group prep sessions included to ensure learner is confident going into the exam
Exam Pass Guarantee!

MEF Academy Format

SLI Academy Program Schedule


Instructor-Guided Sessions


Group Study Sessions


One-On-One Instructor Sessions


Office Hour Sessions


Individual Test Simulator Exercises


Group Exam Prep Sessions

Program Overview

At the completion of this program, you will be prepared to pass the MEF SDCP exam and you will possess new SD-WAN knowledge that will enable you to excel in your organization. We will provide the right mix of exam review and an understanding of SD-WAN technology topics needed for your applications.

When our program is over you will be certified with the knowledge to effectively navigate SD-WAN challenges. We have taken a ’Lifecycle’ approach to your learning. Our approach embraces the MEF resources since it is what you will work with on a day-to-day basis. The program will involve activities that include the ’Self-study’ MEF-SDCP SD-WAN certified professional exam resources.

Our topics are based directly on the MEF SD-WAN exam blueprint and then expanded so you understand the ’What’, ’Why’ and ’How to Apply’ SD-WAN solutions.

General recommendations are to have 2 years networking experience, a basic understanding of L2 switching, L3 routing and commonly implemented protocols (BGP, UDP, etc.), potentially have a role in the deployment, design, maintenance, and troubleshooting networks in a traditional WAN environment including, but not limited to: MPLS, Ethernet, mobile technologies, etc.

The preferred network professionals for MEF-SDCP include:

  • Sales Engineers
  • Network Engineer who can demonstrate their ability to manage SD-WAN systems/ Operation Engineers
  • System Engineers (e.g., Application Engineers etc.)
  • Network Engineer Managers
  • Network Consulting Engineers
  • Product Developers
  • Enterprise Solution Designers
  • Network Architects
  • Product Support and IT Directors

Exam Topics Covered in MEF Academy

  • Define the fundamentals and characteristics of an SD-WAN solution according to the MEF 70 standard
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the MEF 70 components and the functions of SD-WAN service components and Service Attributes
  • Given a scenario, size and scale an SD-WAN solution
  • Given a set of business requirements, assess application criticality and demand
  • Given a scenario, recommend and justify an SD-WAN strategy based on customer strategy
  • Given a scenario, determine integration requirements for a new SD-WAN network into an existing infrastructure
  • Compare and contrast infrastructure and operational benefits of SD-WAN with legacy solutions
  • Based on business requirements, define Application Flows based upon MEF 70 standard Application Flow criteria
  • Based on business requirements, define and map Policies based upon MEF 70 standard Policy criteria
  • Select appropriate Underlay Connectivity Services for an SD-WAN network based on the types and characteristics of available options
  • Given a scenario, recommend a migration strategy from existing infrastructure to new SD-WAN service
  • Determine IP subnet and address requirements at an SD-WAN subscriber sit
  • Determine security requirements for an SD-WAN service
  • Identify common service impacting issues, diagnostic toolsets, and diagnostic action
  • Based on application requirements, determine the metrics for assessing service performance
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot performance issues with an SD-WAN service