Introduction to Python Using Zeppelin


This training will instruct the student in the Python programming language to enable the authoring and execution of simple to highly complex Python applications with two and three-dimensional visualization. Apache Zeppelin will be used as the IDE for programming environment.  

This course will introduce advanced features of Python: objects, inheritance, generators and importing and using module libraries (packages) such as Pandas, SciPy and Matplotlib. 

Anticipate lecture, examples of real use cases and hands-on programming, the Python language syntax and usage.

50% Lecture and 50% Hands-on Labs

Target Audience

Individuals desiring to understand and use the Python programming language with the Apache Software Foundation IDE, Zeppelin.


Students must have experience working in a browser-based environment. Basic knowledge of a scripting or an object-oriented programming language is recommended, but not a requirement.

Course Outline

  • Day 1: Fundamental Machine Learning and Classification
  • Day 2: Training Models and Support Vector Machines
  • Day 3: Decision Trees and Ensemble learning and Random Forests
  • Day 4: Dimensionality Reduction

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