Implementing and Configuring Cisco SDWAN (ICSDWAN-CT)

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Duration: 5 days


Price: $4,795.00



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This course discusses Cisco’s SDWAN solution using Viptela. In this class, students will configure and manage the Viptela Fabric. Students will learn how the Viptela Fabric enables an Enterprise to extend its network footprint to all infrastructure elements using a single platform. The student will deploy and manage and Fabric infrastructure using the vManage, vSmart, vBond, and the vEdge Devices. The student will also learn how to migrate an existing IWAN Deployment to a Viptela Fabric.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Target Audience:

Network Technicians / Administrators


Course Objectives:

  • SDWAN Overview
  • Cisco SDWAN Hardware
  • Deploying the Overlay
  • Configuring vManage
  • Monitoring vManage
  • vAnalytics
  • Troubleshooting Tools for VManage


Course Outine:

Module 1: SDWAN Overview

  • Describe what a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is.
  • Describe the secure extensible network
  • Describe the function of the virtual IP fabric created in the SD-WAN solution
  • What is SDWAN
  • Cisco Cloud vs On-premises vs private cloud management
  • Cisco IWAN vs Viptela SDWAN
  • IWAN Migration to SDWAN
  • SDWAN Integration with Cisco
  • Cisco SDWAN Licensing

Module 2: Cisco SDWAN Edge Devices

  • vEdge Appliances
  • vEdge Cloud (ESXI, KVM, AWS, Microsoft Azure)
  • Cisco IOS-XE Platforms
  • Cisco CSR 1000V Router
  • Cisco 54xx Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS)

Module 3: Cisco SDWAN Certificates and Whitelists

  • On-Prem vs Cloud Certificate deployment
  • Controller Certificates
  • Hardware Device Certificates
  • Software Device Certificates
  • Certificates
  • Solution Roles and Responsibilities
  • Device Whitelists
  • Controller Whitelists

Module 4: Deploying Cisco SDWAN Controllers

  • On-Prem vs Cloud deployment
  • vManage NMS
  • vBond Orchestrator
  • Deploy the vSmart Controller
  • Controller High Availability
  • Cluster Management

Module 5: Cisco SDWAN Fabric and Overview

  • Virtual Fabric Overview
  • Overlay Management Protocol
  • Transport Locators (TLOCs) – TLOC Extensions and TLOC Colors
  • Multicast
  • TCP Optimization
  • Opening Firewall Ports
  • Software Installation and Upgrade
  • vContainer Host
  • vEdge Routers
  • Migrating IOS-XE Devices to Cisco SD-WAN\
  • Deploy AWS Gateway using the AWS Wizard

Module 6: Cisco SD-WAN Security

  • Solution Security
  • Firewall Ports
  • Control Plane Security (DTLS, TLS)
  • Data Plane Security (IPSEC, GRE)
  • Traffic Segmentation (VPN, Policies)
  • Service Chaining (Firewalls, IDS)
  • Cloud Security (umbrella, Z-Scaler)
  • Zone Based Firewall

Module 7: Quality of Service

  • Application Visibility and Recognition
  • Differentiated Services – Quality of Service
  • Critical Applications SLA
  • Path MTU Discovery
  • TCP Performance Optimization
  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
  • vEdge Router Queuing

Module 8: Configuring vManage

  • Using the vManage Interface
  • Using the vManage Dashboard
  • Administration
  • Setting
  • Manage Users
  • Tenant Management
  • Configuration
  • Devices

Module 9: SD-WAN Templates

  • Templates
  • Wide Area Application Server (WAAS)
  • Maintenance
  • Configure Cisco Umbrella
  • Configure Zscaler
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

Module 10: SD-WAN Policies

  • Policies
  • Lists
  • Policy Definition
  • Policy Application
  • Smart policies (Control, Data, AppRoute, cflowd)
  • Service Chaining
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Extranet VPNs
  • Service path affinity
  • Arbitrary VPN Topologies
  • Fabric Policies
  • Application SLA
  • Path Determination
  • Shaping Policies
  • QoS Policies
  • Service Chaining
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Extranet VPNs
  • Service path affinity
  • NAT Policies
  • Cflowd-template for configuring flow cache behavior and flow export
  • Data-policy for selection of traffic subject to flow data collection
  • Create a VPN Membership Policy
  • Create an Application SLA Policy

Module 11: SD-WAN Cloud

  • OnRamp SAAS
  • Cloud OnRamp IAAS

Module 12: Monitoring vManage

  • Network
  • View Client Details
  • View Client Usage
  • Check Device Connectivity
  • Check Device Bringup
  • Ping a Device
  • Run a Traceroute
  • View Control Connections in Real Time
  • View Tunnel Health
  • Check Application-Aware Routing Traffic
  • Simulate Flows
  • Check Device Syslog Files
  • ACL Log
  • Alarms
  • Audit Log
  • Events
  • Geography

Module 13: vAnalytics

  • Applications
  • Network Availability
  • Network Health
  • vAnalytics Dashboard
  • Least Performing Applications
  • Applications Consuming Most Bandwidth
  • Anomalous Application Families
  • Carrier Performance
  • Tunnel Performance

Module 14: Troubleshooting Tools for vManage

  • Using vManage to Troubleshoot the environment
  • Operational Commands
  • Rediscover Network
  • CLI Command to troubleshoot the environment.
  • SSH Terminal
  • Establish an SSH Session to a Device


  • Lab 1: Deploy the vManage NMS
  • Lab 2: Deploy the vBond Orchestrator
  • Lab 3: Deploy the vSmart Controller
  • Lab 4: Deploy the vEdge Routers
  • Lab 5: vManage Configuration
  • Lab 6: Creating Device Templates
  • Lab 7: Create Policies
  • Lab 8: Application Visibility
  • Lab 9: Monitoring the Solution
  • Lab 10: API Integration
  • Lab 11: Troubleshooting