DIY ASF Service Stack


This course is a Do-It-Yourself instruction guide on how to install, manage and support a custom, centrally-managed ASF service stack. The student will be shown how to configure the ASF Ambari project to create a custom stack of managed ASF services. The student will learn how to configure Ambari’s behavior toward each service that is added to its stack. This behavior includes how Ambari displays the main and ancillary web pages for the service and its worker services, what alerts the Ambari agents should provide about that service to the service pages and other behaviors necessary for the complete administration of each service selected to be in the Ambari service stack

This 4-day course covers the technical aspects a developer, architect or DevOps individual will need to know to install Ambari and to configure Ambari to support a custom service stack.

Throughout the class, the student will learn how to use Ambari for centralized service administration, management and monitoring of the service stack. The course will conclude with a detailed approach to ways an organization can build an efficient support system for its stack of services by utilizing the abundant, no-cost resources from the ASF community.

50% Lecture, 50% Lab

Target Audience

DevOps individuals, architects and anyone needing to define, manage and support a custom ASF component service stack.


DevOps experience with Linux is a prerequisite. Understanding of the tenets of the Apache Software Foundation is necessary, and as one of the services that will be installed in the Ambari stack during lab time will be Hadoop, knowledge or experience with Hadoop will be helpful. It is suggested that a student new to Hadoop first take the DFHz course ’Advanced Hadoop.’

Course Outline

  • Day 1: Using Ambari to create a custom ASF component service stack
  • Day 2: Deep-dive into the configuration of Ambari to support a service stack
  • Day 3: An overview of Ambari as a centralized management service
  • Day 4: Supporting and maintaining Ambari and the services of the custom service stack

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