Data Model Design using Excel 2016 – Level 3

Course Information

Duration: 1 day

Version: Excel 2016 L3

Price: $595.00



Learning Credits:


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What makes Power BI such a vast improvement over simple Excel worksheets is the Power Query engine in both Power BI and Excel. Power Query allows data to be pulled and transformed from multiple data sources.


Power BI Tools in Excel 2016 – Level 2


Target Audience:

This course is designed for Report Builders who are ready to create custom data models for themselves and for other Excel 2016 Report Users.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand BI Data
  • Create Data Models
  • Use DAX Functions
  • Use Dates Correctly
  • Shape Reports


Course Outine:

Lesson 1 : Understanding BI Data

  • Business Intelligence Data Sources 
  • Data Source Types 
  • Table Roles

Lesson 2 : Creating Data Models

  • Creating a Data Model from Excel Data 
  • Creating a Data Model from Access Database Data 
  • Creating a Hybrid Data Model

Lesson 3 : Using DAX Functions

  • Review of Syntax and Calculated Columns 
  • Best Practices 
  • DAX Measures 
  • Creating Measures (Calculated Fields)

Lesson 4 : Using Dates Correctly

  • Why Dates are Different 
  • Building Data Tables 
  • Building Data Hierarchies

Lesson 5 : Appendix: Shaping Reports

  • Building Communication Worksheets 
  • Controlling Item Ordering 
  • PowerPivot Metadata



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