Cisco Webex for BroadWorks Workshop

Course Information

Duration: 1 day

Version: BW Workshop

Price: $500.00



Learning Credits:


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This instructor-led workshop is designed for the Webex for BroadWorks administrator to obtain remote, hands-on experience with key configurations and provisioning routines examined in the e-learning course. During this course, an instructor introduces administrators to a series of different configurations and provisioning objectives with step-by-step instruction on strategies and best practices of how to achieve success. Key areas of focus include an examination of flow-through and API provisioning, and user experience different integration methods and provisioning models. Additionally, an administrator prepares Webex Teams clients for device management and resource readiness to successfully authenticate and register for both voice and collaboration services.


The attendees should possess the following:

  • A basic level of knowledge in Telephony.
  • A basic level of knowledge in IP networking.
  • Experience in customer-facing services-based discussions
  • Fluent comprehension in spoken and written English

Target Audience:

Course Objectives:

Partners that participate in the workshop will benefit in the following ways:

  • Obtain a practical understanding of key technical aspects of the various provisioning models of the Webex for BroadWorks solution.
  • Be better positioned to engage with Cisco Partner success management and technical collaborators to quickly reach milestones during the onboarding process.
  • Better educated on the overall integration solution through conversation with instructors.

Course Outline:


  • How to provision users and services using the Flow-Through method
  • DTAF files, system-level-identity device type – Desktop and Mobile
  • Provision – CommPilot and Control Hub
  • Flow-Through Trusted Email
  • Flow-Through Untrusted Email
  • Self-Activation (UAP / IdP) with email entry to login to Teams
  • Service and Resource Assignment
  • Assign Packages, TN, Devices (Desktop and Mobile), IM&P
  • Changing the default template in Control Hub
  • Login with Webex Teams client
  • Delete a User using Control Hub


  • Setting up the Environment: register your integration App (Postman for the workshop) in


  • How to provision users and services using APIs
  • GET (List BroadWorks Enterprises)
  • POST (Provision a BroadWorks Subscriber and package)
  • PUT (Get previously provisioned User via APIs and update user/package)
  • Flow-through with adjust package API
  • Self-Activation (UAP + API)
  • DELETE (Delete a BroadWorks Subscriber)