Cisco Webex Calling Administration Professional

Course Information

Duration: 5 days

Version: Webex Professional

Price: $1,000.00



Learning Credits:


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This course represents an application stage to achieving full certification as a Cisco Webex Calling Administration Professional. It is designed to cover the product specifics for VARs and SPs.

The course is designed to present the certification candidate with a baseline level of information with supporting exercises within the Cisco Webex System at the current latest release. The overall objective is to engage the student with concepts and facts that provide a solid understanding of the basic role and function of each Cisco Webex Calling Service, and the correct matching of the solution and implementation of said service. Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to identify the right Webex Calling solution for a given customer scenario/environment. In addition, candidates will gain a solid fundamental understanding of Cisco Webex Calling:

  • Ordering and Provisioning processes
  • Site and User Features
  • Support and basic Troubleshooting techniques
  • Onboarding process

Special emphasis will be given to Cisco Webex Portals to achieve a solid understanding of the procedures and capabilities of the system at the latest release level, including configuring end-user devices an LGW to connect them to the Webex Calling service.

This certification course is designed to present the candidate with services-based information and supporting exercises, with an overall objective to engage the candidate with learning and understanding the entire scope of the:

  • Cisco Webex Calling Offer
  • Learning about the Tools that provide assistance in determining the proper Webex Service Solution for a Hosted PBX Site setup
  • Understanding the Support options and roles


The attendees should possess the following:

  • A basic level of knowledge in Telephony.
  • A basic level of knowledge in IP networking.
  • Experience in customer-facing services-based discussions
  • Fluent comprehension in spoken and written English
  • Experience in, and comprehension of common industry terms used within the Sales, Sales Engineering, and Technical fields

Target Audience:

Course Objectives:

Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Architecture
  • PSTN Interconnection Options
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • User Experiences
  • Quote Entry
  • Provisioning steps and Procedures
  • Calling Admin Portal Services
  • Troubleshooting and Support
  • What to offer as the most appropriate Webex Calling solution(s)

Course Outline:

  • Product Overview
  • Architecture and PSTN Interconnect Options
  • Product Packaging
  • Order Entry – CCW
  • Provisioning – Control Hub and Calling Administration Portal (CAP)
  • LGW configuration for Webex Calling
  • Site Features
  • User Features
  • Customer Scenarios
  • Support Process and Service Assurance
  • Partner Success
  • Certification Exam