Cisco Sales Essentials (CSE)


Cisco Sales Essentials v6.0 provides Partner account managers and system engineers with the introductory information needed to resell Cisco products and solutions! We recognize that both Partner and Cisco Account Managers alike need to stay current and even ahead of the changes occurring in the market place to ensure they are adding value for customers, especially in the area of network architectures.

Target Audience

It is designed for both Account Managers and Sales Engineers wishing to pass the Cisco Sales Essentials Exam No. 646-206.


Basic understanding of networking products and solutions

Course Objectives

The goal for this course is to help you:
  • Describe to customers the value of Cisco solutions and architectures
  • Identify where Cisco solutions are the better offers for your customers
  • Recognize how Cisco products, solutions and architectures and partnering with Cisco can enhance your profitability
  • Engage with customers in intelligent conversations on Cisco solutions and offerings using an architectural approach
  • Sell, explain and package Cisco solutions for maximum benefit to the customer, you the partner and Cisco alike

Course Outline

Moduel 1: Course Introduction
  • Course Goals and Objectives
  • Additional References
  • Your Training Curriculum
Module 2: Cisco Architectures for Business Transformation
  • Cisco Architectures and Strengths
  • Customer Value Proposition and Benefits
  • Value-Added Business Partners and Architectures
  • Positioning Cisco Architectures for Selling Success
Module 3: Cisco Partner Advantage
  • Advantages of being a Cisco Partner
  • Foundations of Success
  • Cisco Partner Programs and Specializations
Module 4: Networking Basics
  • OSI Model
  • OSI Layer Devices and Components
  • Network Types
Module 5: Selling Borderless Networks
  • Demand for Borderless Networking
  • Borderless Network Architecture
  • Cisco Mobility Solutions
  • Cisco Security Solutions
  • Cisco Routing Solutions
  • Cisco Switching Solutions
  • Cisco Application Velocity Solutions
Module 6: Selling Collaboration
  • Demand for Collaboration
  • Collaboration Architecture
  • Cisco Collaboration Solutions
Module 7: Selling Small Business Architecture
  • Demand for Small Business Solutions
  • Cisco Small Business Architecture
  • Cisco Small Business Solutions
Module 8: Selling Video Architecture
  • Demand for Video Solutions
  • Cisco Video and Medianet Architecture
  • Cisco Video Solutions
Module 9: Selling Data Center, Virtualization, and Cloud Architectures
  • Demand for Data Center, Virtualization, and Cloud Solutions
  • Data Center Overview
  • Virtualization Architecture
  • Solution Overview
Module 10: Enhancing Profitability through Whole Offers
  • Demand for Whole Offers
  • Selling Cisco Service Contracts
  • Cisco Smart Business Architecture and Partner Profitability
  • Cisco Partner Incentive Program
  • Cisco Sales Tools
  • Cisco Capital

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