CCIE Wireless Bootcamp

Course Information

Duration: 5 days

Version: CCIE Wireless BC

Price: $2,999.00

Certification: CCIE Wireless


Learning Credits:


Check out our full list of training locations and learning formats. Please note that the location you choose may be an Established HD-ILT location with a virtual live instructor.


  • Live Classroom

Train face-to-face with the live instructor.

  • Established HD-ILT Location

Interact with a live, remote instructor from a specialized, HD-equipped classroom near you.​

  • Virtual Remote

Attend the live class from the comfort of your home or office.



The CCIE Wireless Bootcamp Class is a 5-day instructor-led course that is indented to teach and reinforce the the foundational topics of the CCIE wireless lab.  Through a healthy dose of lecture, Q&A, and hands-on practice we will cover all 7 sections of the lab blueprint.  Throughout the class, students will have uninterrupted access to their own personal rack of equipment that they will use to complete labs that were specifically written for the class.  These labs are unique from those in our self-study workbooks.  This class is designed to help ensure that you understand the technologies covered in the lab exam.  The class moves at a fast pace, and can include long hours.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Target Audience:

Professionals preparing for the CCIE Wireless exam


Course Objectives:

Understand the technologies covered in the exam


Course Outine:

  • Introductions
  • Network Infrastructure
    • Layer 2
    • Unicast Routing
    • Multicast Routing
    • Security
    • Services
  • Identity Services Engine- Part 1
    • Understanding the RADIUS Process Flow
    • Configuring Basic Authentications
    • Supporting EAP methods
    • AAA Overrides
  • Autonomous APs
    • Traffic Flows
    • SSIDs
    • Workgroup Bridges
    • Root/Non-Root Bridges
    • Radios
    • Services
    • QoS
  • Unified Wireless (Centralized and Converged)
    • Basic Setup and Interfaces
    • Converged Access Architecture
    • AP Discoveries, Joins, and HA/Failovers
  • Unified Wireless (Centralized and Converged)
    • Management Configurations
    • Security Configurations
    • Wireless/Radio Configurations
    • Controller/Services Configurations
    • WLANs
    • FlexConnect APs
    • Mesh APs
  • Identity Services Engine- Part 2
    • CWA Portals and WLANs
    • Client Profiling
  • Prime Infrastructure and MSE
    • PI- Admin Settings and Management
    • PI- Device Management
    • PI- Configuration Templates and Auditing
    • PI- Reports
    • PI- Maps
    • MSE Management
    • Context Aware Services
    • wIPS
  • Media Applications
    • QoS in AireOS
    • QoS in IOS-XE
    • Voice Configurations
    • The Jabber Client
    • VideoStream
    • AVC
    • mDNS/Bonjour Services
  • Lab Preparation Tips



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