CCIE Wireless Bootcamp

Course Information

Duration: 7 days

Version: CCIE Wireless BC

Price: $3,999.00



Learning Credits:


Check out our full list of training locations and learning formats. Please note that the location you choose may be an Established HD-ILT location with a virtual live instructor.


  • Live Classroom

Train face-to-face with the live instructor.

  • Established HD-ILT Location

Interact with a live, remote instructor from a specialized, HD-equipped classroom near you.​

  • Virtual Remote

Attend the live class from the comfort of your home or office.



The CCIE Enterprise v1.0 Wireless Bootcamp Class is a 7-day instructor-led course that is indented to get you ready to take and pass the CCIE lab exam. This class is intended to be taken towards the end of your lab preparation and is designed to learn and practice skills that will improve your chances of lab success. While we will be teaching/reinforcing some of the more important individual technologies, the focus is more about getting good at taking the lab. There are many skills needed in addition to understanding the technologies that can easily make the difference between passing and failing the lab. We want to make sure that you walk into the actual lab with as few weaknesses as possible, and this class is designed to help accomplish that.


In order to get the most out of the class, we recommend that you are already familiar with the material covered in Network Dojo’s Workbook Vol 1, and Lab Video Series 1 at a minimum. Ideally, you’ve also gone through the design and troubleshooting topics included in Workbook Vol 2, and Lab Video Series 2. 


Target Audience:


Course Objectives:


Course Outline:

Day 1:

  • Introductions
  • Lecture on skills to learn for lab success
  • Labs to help learn/practice these skills

Day 2:

  • Design section lecture
  • Design min-lab
  • Technology lectures and labs

Day 3:

  • Technology Lectures
  • Technology Labs
  • Discussion about why people lose points in the lab

Day 4:

  • Mock Lab 1
  • Design Section
  • Config Section

Day 5:

  • Mock Lab 1 review
  • Talk about lessons learned
  • Set plan for tomorrow’s lab
  • Skills labs

Day 6:

  • Mock Lab2
  • Design Section
  • Config Section

Day 7:

  • Review Mock Lab 2
  • Conversation/advice for next steps