Achieving ITIL Practitioner Certification

Course Information

Duration: 2 days

Version: ITIL Practitioner

Price: $1,950.00



Learning Credits:


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Gain the foundational knowledge and skills for building an effective IT organization that supports and complements ITIL© best practices in this ITIL© Practitioner training course. This two-day course will provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to pass the ITIL© Practitioner certification exam, and three credits towards your ITIL© Expert certification.


  • Hold the ITIL©_ Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
  • Basic IT literacy and around two years of IT experience

Target Audience:

Professionals trying to obtain the ITIL Practitioner Certification

Course Objectives:

  • Prepare for and pass the ITIL Practitioner certification exam
  • Utilize the nine Guiding Principles and the CSI approach to manage ITIL improvements
  • Enable improvements with metrics, measurements, and communication
  • Leverage organizational change management

Course Outline:

Lesson 1 : Introduction to ITIL Practitioner

  • A structured implementation approach
  • Key elements of ITIL Practitioner and how they work together
  • Tailoring ITIL for projects of varying size
  • Outlining the key principles

Lesson 2 : Guiding Principles and CSI Approach

  • Identifying key concepts
  • Applying the Guiding Principles
  • Executing the CSI Approach

Lesson 3 : Metrics and Measurement To Enable CSI

  • Defining and determining CSFs and KPIs
  • Building a Current State Assessment Plan

Lesson 4 : Enabling CSI Through Effective Communication

  • Fostering Effective Communication
  • Implementing Communication Tools and Techniques

Lesson 5 : Organizational Change Management To Support CSI

  • Defining Purpose, Value, and Challenges
  • Identifying Tools and Techniques to support improvement

Lesson 6 : Putting ITIL Practitioner into Practice

  • Applying key concepts
  • Exam Preparation