Acano Certified Expert Training 1 (ACE1)


An advanced hands-on course, ACE I assists technicians and engineers fully understand how to install, configure, support and troubleshoot the Acano software solution on the Acano Server and on standard servers in a virtualized environment. Students will gain knowledge and experience deploying Acano Servers in single server, two-server, and resilient deployments in real-world environments. Installations will include full configurations and integrating the Acano solution with other UC platforms such as Cisco Voice and Video networks as well as the basics of integrating with Microsoft Lync. Students who complete the course with a passing grade on the exam will receive the ACE I Certificate.

Target Audience

  • Technical staff of Acano Authorized Partners
  • Technical consultants
  • Solution architects
  • Field engineers and personnel who provide first-line support to Acano server deployments and who install Acano solutions at customer sites.


Acano ACO or Acano Solution Design are suggested prerequisites. A working knowledge of IP networking is beneficial.

Course Outline

    Solution Overview
    Components Overview

o    Webbridge, TURN server Call bridge, XMPP Server, API and Acano Manager, MMP
o    Single server vs multi server deployment
o    VM vs Acano Server
o    Acano Server HW + photo
o    MMP configuration
    Call Bridge
o    Dial plan configuration
o    Integration with existing SIP call control
o    Integration with LYNC server
o    LYNC EDGE server integration
o    GW functionality configuration
o    LDAP configuration
o    DNS
    Edge Applications
o    Configuring the XMMP server
o    Configuring the web bridge
o    Configuring the TURN server
o    MMP tools
o    Dial plan issues
o    XMPP server issues
o    Web bridge issues
    Acano Manager
o    Installation
o    Calls in progress
o    Configuring it to use MCU
o    Overview
o    Use case scenarios

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